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Saturday, July 22, 2006

"The Song of Wind and Rain" Poem by AB ~

The wind is talking to me,

It whispers in my ears,

It sings it's song, so genitally,

It comforts all my fears,

It blows away my sadness,

It whisks away my pain,

It makes me feel so endless,

And brings with it the rain,

To wash away my troubles,

To bless the days ahead,

Their calling to each other,

And this is what they said,

They said, you are my lover,

Come dance with me, come chase me,

Together we'll be happy,

We'll sing in harmony,

They ran away together,

And took with them my fear,

Their song still lingers softy,

Ringing gently in my ears.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

"On The Other Side of The" Night By AB~

In the morning when I wake, I think of you,
In the night and in the evening to,

When it's dusk, and the sun , is going down,
It's only hours 'till for you it's coming 'round,

And when the morning light, is almost here,
Your day is almost over, evening near,

We live in different places, different times,
Our lives have different rythms, different rhyms,

But like me, you have the same amazing sun,
It is yours, when my days fully done,

And we share the same yellow moon,
When it gone here, it will be there very soon,

All the stars that shined for me, so clear and bright,
They will soon be yours, to shine thier dassling light,

It doesn't matter that my night, is your day,
We find the time to be togeather anyway,

And togeather we can dream of the night,
We'll hold hands until the sun comes into sight,

Lying , side bye side,we'll watch our first sunrise,
That we've always seen before , with different eyes.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Have Wings in My Heart by AB

Smoke rising,
In ashes lie your broken promises,
Free from their burden I sit,
Warmed by their heat,

Today is just a day
.A day for rejoicing,
But not for us,for all.
For life, for living.

Gone are the days I waited,
Waited for you to change,
Wondering if you could,
Wishing you wanted us,

Lost are the feelings of hope,
Hope that we could be a family,
Hope that you could be at peace ,
As you, for us.

Shed your doubts and fears,
They have no place on my door step,
Bold and bright are the days ahead,
Happy and fulfilled my heart beats strong

I have not crumbled at your departure,but rejoiced.
Only the song from my heart rings louder,
Shadows of the past, slip quietly from my mind.
I morn not for their comforts.

Peace, finds me in sleep,
Joy, my new friend,
I know love, and it teaches me well,
Let go , let me fly,

like a fiery bird,
Let me rise from the ashes,
Let me live a new day,
I have wings in my heart

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dreaming of You by AB

Looking at your picture,
Dreaming that your near,
Wondering what your doing,
Missing you, my dear,

Wishing you could call me,
Sitting by the phone,
Wanting you, here,
But I am all alone,

Dreaming of your black eyes,
And your, cute nose,
My heart is overflowing,
Yet, my love still grows,

Thinking of the wondrous moment,
I shall see you face,
When you hold me, in your arms
Feeling your embrace,

Are you also dreaming,
Do you miss me too,
Can you feel the love I'm sending,
In my thoughts to you,

If you do than kiss me,
Send it by moon beams,
I will find it when I sleep,
And kiss you in my dreams

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Shall We Dance by AB~ (song)

Shall we dance, Shall we dance,
On the edge of insanity,
Shall we dance, shall we dance,shall we dance,
I have no pride left,
Shall we dance , shall we dance,
I can feel my world crumble,
Shall we dance,

With my dreams on my lips,
I have cried shall we dance,
As my whole world falls,
shall we dance,
I have no pride left,
Shall we dance,Shall we dance,
Like spears to my heart,
Shall we dance

I have cried countless tears,
No more tears,
shall we dance,
As we walk that fine line,
shall we dance,
I will hold my head high,
Shall we dance, shall we dance,
I have swallowed my pride,
Shall we dance,

As were perched on the edge,
With my heart clasped in hand,
Like stars in the night,shall we dance
As my heart breaks to bits,
Shall we dance,shall we dance,
As my world turns to night,
Shall we dance,